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At Trencadís Innovación, quality is not understood as a control point separated from the rest of the processes, but rather as an appropriate system for all company processes, a system that is endorsed by the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, encompassing the manufacture of the Trencadis and the design, a certificate that guarantees our good work and our intention to offer the best product to our customers.

The quality process is part of the trencadís of Trencadís Innovación from the moment of contact with the potential client until its delivery, going through all the processes necessary for manufacturing.

The purchase of materials is carried out following the highest quality standards in order to offer a finished Trencadís suitable for the highest levels of demand.

After the purchase and receipt of the materials, each piece to be broken is inspected to guarantee that the finish and color of the pieces are in accordance with our quality standard and with the customer’s requirements.

The next manufacturing process, breaking, which, as we have already told you, is a completely manual process, once again includes reviews of the materials, since before starting to break, each piece to be broken is inspected trying to locate any type of imperfection or micro-crack in the enamel surface, which would result in the piece being disallowed for use.

Following the breaking process comes the classification of the tiles for which a new inspection is necessary, prior to the classification in our formats, the pieces resulting from the break are reviewed one by one before classifying them, guaranteeing that the pieces that reach the meshed comply with all the required quality guarantees.

The mesh would be the next step, and it begins with a new revision of the tiles before gluing them on the mesh, it is verified that there is no type of microcrack or break at the edges of the piece and we proceed to glue it on the mesh following the blanket design guidelines. For the gluing of the tiles on the mesh, specific “adhesives” are used, suitable for the surfaces to be covered in order to avoid possible incompatibilities.

After the meshing comes what will be the last control point in the trencadis production process, the overturning control, a process that consists of turning all the trencadis blankets one by one to check that all the tiles are correctly adhered to the mesh. .

After this last process, the trencadís is ready for packaging and subsequent shipment.

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