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One of the main characteristics that differentiates the trencadís from TRENCADIS INNOVACIÓN from the competition is the classification of tile sizes. The tesserae are the fragments of broken ceramic or natural stone that make up the mosaics.

We offer six size options and their combinations so that the trencadís adjusts to the surface to be covered and according to the aesthetic criteria of the client.

Select a trencadis size to see it applied.

The different sizes of tiles allow the trencadís to adapt to surfaces with different radii of curvature. Depending on the radius, a minimum size is recommended:

10a12: recommended for radii from 50 cm. (Ø> 100 cm)

8a10: recommended for radii from 40 cm. (Ø> 80cm)

6a8: recommended for radii from 30 cm. (Ø> 60cm)

4a6: recommended for radii from 20 cm. (Ø> 40cm)

2a4: recommended for radii from 10 cm. (Ø> 20 cm)

Gradient of sizes: Meshes are manufactured specifically to cover benches and other surfaces with changes in curves where the sizes of tiles change according to the curvatures of the support, with a gradual transition between the different sizes of fragments.

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