Over a decade manufacturing handmade, bespoke trencadis mosaics personalized for each client.

Trencadís Innovación is a Spanish company with over 10 years experience in the hand-made manufacture and design of Trencadis mosaics. We are a young and dynamic team, sharing a common passion for this mediterranean style of mosaics composed from the irregularly shaped fragments of different materials, traditionally ceramic tiles. Our trajectory can be vouched for on the five continents and thousands of meters have been clad with our mosaics, making Trencadis Innovación the best choice to clad your dreams.

We have a firm commitment to Quality. Our company is certified to be in compliance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 regulations for Quality control and assurance including all aspects of the fabrication and design of trencadis mosaics.

The entire manufacturing process is manual, our artisans break the materials and mount the mosaics completely by hand at our factory in the heart of Spain, following the specifications and plans made by our designers who translate your design intentions into mosaic form. We work in cooperation with architects, interior designers, engineers and clients of all type, offering technical and design advice in order to achieve a unique cladding personalized to the particularities of each project. 

Trencadis Innovación strives to be at the forefront of the latest trends in design and architecture, adapting the most innovative materials to this unique style of mosaic, permitting the application on any type of surface, in interiors and exteriors.


We can inform, advise and guide you in the best way to use trencadis mosaics in your project.


Trencadis Innovación was founded in 2002, as a spin-off of an experienced trencadis placement specialist company, in cooperation with the Valencia Polytechnical University.

Crisan, a company specialised in the placement of trencadis and other continuous finishes, detected a many problems with the supply of trencadis on their projects and decided to diversify their business, diving head-first into the fabrication of trencadis mosaics. The clear vision of this new project was to specialise in the handcrafted manufacture and design of trencadis mosaics, betting on a hand-made product which could guarantee the highest standards of quality.

Based on the vast experience placing trencadis (from the mid 90’s Crisan clad emblematic projects by Santiago Calatrava with trencadis, including the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia and the Tenerife Opera House), Crisan recognized the need for a quality product, which would last in time with simplified maintenance and placement. Initial funding was provided by a Research and Development grant in cooperation with the Valencia Polytechnical University through the CTT (Centre for the Conveyance of Technology), permitting us to develop and analyse different adhesive systems and develop our patented border, which when placed makes the borders invisible to the human eye and achieve a seamless cladding.

Trencadís Innovación in cooperation with Crisan have clad all sorts of buildings and supports, from concrete substrates to wood, including glass and steel. 

The long and successful cooperation between manufacturers and placers lets us guarantee the placement and finish of trencadis wherever the client desires, a guarantee resulting from the years of experience with completed projects that have stood the test of time.


Trencadís Innovación has converted trencadis mosaics into a solution to clad any type of support with countless different materials, as our motto says “If we can break it, we can make it into trencadis”…

We have been breaking the most diverse materials to fabricate trencadis for 15 years, with the clear intention to continue breaking, naturally!!

Gaudí showed us the way and at Trencadís Innovación we are cladding the path.


Trencadís Innovación guarantees the quality of all our products. We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company for quality in the "Design and fabrication of trencadis mosaics", ensuring the quality of all our mosaics.