More than 20 years working in the design and breaking of materials, we are capable of transforming your idea into a Trencadis mosaic.

The technical team at Trencadís Innovación has extensive experience designing, manufacturing and covering important buildings and facilities with our emblematic mosaic.

As soon as you provide us with your idea, our design team will be in charge of adapting, supervising and correcting until the idea is reflected in our product, providing precise instructions and technical documentation and specific assembly requirements for each type of surface at cover, if necessary we can facilitate that our assembly team moves to install, supervise and advise on the assembly of the trencadís anywhere in the world.



Provide us with plans, a photo or an idea and our team of specialists will take care of translating it into a complete infographic, with photomontages, plans and all the technical documentation necessary for your project.



We are capable of transforming your idea into a trencadis mosaic that you can use to cover any surface. In our projects section you can see all kinds of supports and materials covered with our trencadis.



Facilitating precise instructions and technical documentation and specific assembly requirements for each type of surface to be covered, if necessary we can facilitate our assembly team to travel to install, supervise and advise on the assembly of the trencadís anywhere. of the world.


Frequent questions

On what surfaces can the trencadís be placed?

Almost any surface is suitable for covering with trencadis. With the accumulated experience we have learned to manufacture and cover all types of surfaces with all types of materials, we can cover wood, glass, concrete, steel, iron…

Is the manufacturing artisanal or industrial?

All our mosaics are made by hand. The pieces are broken by hand and each fragment is glued to the mesh piece by piece manually in our factory in Spain.

How/Where can I buy the trencadis?

You can contact one of our distributors or contact us directly through the contact form, send an email to or call us at +34 961.27.08.27

Is there any guarantee of the products?

Trencadis Innovation guarantees the quality of all our products. For any query or claim, you must make it in writing and within ten days of receipt of the order. Please consult with the technical department of TRENCADIS INNOVACIÓN, S.L.

What materials are suitable for making Trencadis?

As our motto says, if it can be broken we can make trencadis, and following this premise we have broken all kinds of materials, marble, tiles, porcelain, natural stone, glass… so do not hesitate and tell us your idea, we will surely be able to advise you.

Where does the technique come from?

The trencadís is a type of mosaic made with irregular ceramic fragments and whose origin is attributed to the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí and consists of using small pieces of ceramic or tesserae glued on a surface with a mortar to form a mosaic.

Who installs the trencadis for me?

Our technical team will provide precise instructions for assembly, adapting the technique and materials to the surface to be coated so that any specialist is able to assemble it without the slightest problem. We can also send our own team of assemblers to any part of the world.

Why choose Trencadis Innovation?

Because 15 years of experience guarantee us, because we have thousands of meters of trencadís designed, manufactured and installed in all types of works in the 5 continents, because our commitment to quality is guaranteed by the quality certificates in design and manufacture of trencadís according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2009 regulations, because we have the technology developed together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia for the development of “trencadís meshes”, because we have a young and prepared team that will be delighted to participate in your project…

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