One of the main properties of the trencadis mosaics designed and fabricated by TRENCADIS INNOVACIÓN that distinguish us from most of our competitors is the tesserae size classification. Tesserae are the broken fragments (of tile, stone or other materials) that are used to create the mosaics.

We offer 4 standard sizes and other custom combinations so your trencadis can adapt to the support’s surface in accordance with the aesthetic criteria of the client. In addition to the 4 standard sizes (2-4, 4-6, 6-8 and 8-10), we offer the possibility for custom larger tesserae or smaller tesserae as required. In addition we offer a more eclectic size option, where tesserae of all sizes are combined in a single mosaic.

Select the tesserae size to see it applied in a trencadis mosaic.

Relation sizes-support

The different tesserae sizes allow our trencadis mosaic panels to perfectly adapt to different curvatures in the support. Depending on the radius of the curvature, we can recommend the minimum size required:

10 to 12: recommended for radii over 50 cm. (Ø> 100 cm)
8 to 10: recommended for radii over 40 cm. (Ø> 80 cm)
6 to 8: recommended for radii over 30 cm. (Ø> 60 cm)
4 to 6: recommended for radii over 20 cm. (Ø> 40 cm)
2 to 4: recommended for radii over 10 cm. (Ø> 20 cm)

Size gradation: We fabricate custom trencadis specifically to clad benches and other supports with diverse and changing curvatures. Smaller sizes are used on the tight curves and larger tesserae for the flat areas, all fabricated with a gradual transition between the different tesserae sizes.
Joint spacing: Depending on the curvature (Concave or Convex), the separation between tesserae is either expanded or contracted so that once the trencadis in placed on the varying curvatures the final spacing between tesserae is homogenous and uniform.