Trencadis Innovación offers numerous alternative materials for your trencadis beyond the traditional ceramic tiles. We can recommend and advise on the appropiate materials depending on the technical requirements of each project.

Porcelain Tiles (Porcellanato)

Porcelain tiles are the ideal solution for projects with strict technical requirements. This type of ceramic tile has practically no water absorption and great technical and mechanical resistance, which permits the use of porcelain trencadis in the most extreme conditions. Porcelain tiles can be glazed or impervious full-body tiles, which are even more resistant to wear.

Floor tiles

Ceramic floor tiles are an option that we offer that is technically in between the highly resistant porcelain tiles and the standard wall tiles. These ceramic tiles have greater mechanical properties, so they can be used for flooring applications and in areas of greater climate changes. We also offer trencadis fabricated in special anti-slip tiles or textured tiles so your trencadis flooring meets any requirements established by the local construction codes.

Special Glazes

There are numerous tiles with special and unique glazes, including finishes in silver, gold and iridescent mother-of-pearl. We work with the most innnovative ceramic manufacturers in the world in order to be at the forefront of ceramic innovation and the latest design trends, adapting these products to our mosaic style.

If your project has specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us to consult about alternative materials.