All the materials that TRENCADIS INNOVACIÓN uses in the fabrication of their trencadis mosaics are strictly controlled to ensure the final quality of our products. The same fabrication process and controls are respected for different types of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stones. The process includes the following stages.


Tile rectification is the first step in the process of trencadis fabrication. The objective of this process is to eliminate possible flaws and the bevelled edges of the tiles so the entire surface is level before proceeding with the breakage. Rectification is a manual process, realized by our specialized employees using water saws and diamond-edged blades. This process is not necessary with some materials such as natural stones, marble, and pre-rectified tiles.

The breakage of the materials is completely manual. After years of experience, our workers can break the tiles into the desired size by a precise blow of a hammer, ensuring in each blow a clean break avoiding micro-fissure in the glazing or tile body.


The actual mounting of the tesserae upon the mesh is the step in the fabrication where the artisan nature and the artistic abilities of our workers is most clear. Each worker adheres piece by piece to the mesh maintaining a homogeneity in the spacing between the fragments and following the tradition of trencadis mosaics.

Our artisans are able to transform our designers’ diverse creations and the clients’ ideas into stunning pieces of art created in trencadis mosaics.


We at Trencadís Innovación see quality as much more than an independent control point, but rather as an entire system adapted to all the processes within the company. This system is in adherence to the international norms and regulations for QA/QC, UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008. Our quality certification is for the design processes and fabrication of trencadis mosaics, guaranteeing our good work and the intention to provide the best product and services for our clients.

The quality assurance and controls form part of the process from the initial moment a client contacts Trencadis Innovación until the final delivery of the products, going through all the stages of the fabrication process. 

The purchase of raw materials is conducted following the strictest standards of quality with the objective of delivering a final product that meets the most demanding requirements.

After the initial purchase and reception of the materials, each piece is inspected before breakage to ensure that the product, finish and colour are in compliance with our quality standards and the client’s requirements.

Although the breakage of the tiles is a completely manual process, there are also controls at this stage to detect any flaw or fissure in the material to be broken, so that these portions of the materials to break can be discarded.

During the size classification of the tesserae, not only is the size of the fragments verified, but it is also an additional revision to ensure that no flawed fragments make it onto one of our trencadis panels.

Before the tesserae are adhered to the mesh, each worker has an additional opportunity to ensure that all tesserae are in compliance with the quality requirements. The tiles are glued to the mesh using specific adhesives which were chosen after extensive research and development testing. This adhesive ensures the tiles remain adhered to the mesh during shipment and placement, yet avoid possible incompatibilities with modern construction materials.

The final QA/QC check point in the trencadis fabrication process is the final inspection and adherence test. Our plant supervisor and assistants personally inspect every panel fabricated and they are turned upside-down one by one to ensure that all the tesserae are correctly adhered to the mesh and that the final trencadis panel meets all of our quality requirements.

After this final verification, the trencadis is packaged and prepared for shipment, ensuring a trencadis mosaic of the quality that only TRENCADIS INNOVACION can guarantee.


We make shipments all over the world, including mounting diagrams and the full technical documentation so any experienced tile installer can place trencadis panels in the correct manner.

If you prefer, we can send a team of installers or technicians with extensive experience placing trencadis on diverse substrates, on projects of all sizes.

Any doubts or questions? Contact our expert team, we’re delighted to help you.