KU:BE, a challenge achieved !

Few days ago, the HOUSE OF CULTURE AND MOVEMENT – KU.BE in Frederiksberg, Copenhaguen, open it´s doors with the presence of Prince Frederik, Mark Jensen, mayor of the town, people related with the construction and part of the community users, who had their first day to be in contact with the building and the activities designed by MVRDV architects from Rotterdam with the collaboration of ADEPT arch from Copenhaguen.


A happy and innovative design of more than 3000sqm of ludic spaces, conceived for all age people, with climber walls and sport areas, library, theater, yoga, concerts hall and café areas, was conceived with the clear intention of be emblem on the social life of the city and its surroundings .

                             kube-trencadis-fachada-copenhague-5   kube-trencadis-fachada-copenhague-6

Our company was invited by MVRDV architects on the very beginning of the long process of designing and building KUBE, more than three years process, to give our “know-how” and assistance for the use of TRENCADIS on the exterior facades. This was the first time it was used in Scandinavian areas in this big exterior areas, and it represented a big issue and audacity for the architects, the client and our company as well, to give the best solution to the exterior finishing of the building.


As always when we have participated in projects of this volume, it required a good organization and planning of works, and an intensive coordination between the fabrication of our exclusive handmade nets with the tiles chosen, and it´s delivery to be mounted on site by our specialized team (www.crisan.es) in the time required by project managers.

                              kube-trencadis-fachada-copenhague-9   kube-trencadis-fachada-copenhague-8
Finally, last 3rd of July, we were able to start mounting the facades, in a process of six weeks – with the climate singularity on this latitudes included – where we have given all our best , in professional and human skills, to have it delivered in time and quality as the KUBE building demanded


• Project: KU.BE, Frederiksberg comune, Copenhaguen, Denmark
• Arch: MVRDV, Rotterdam (Netherlands) + ADEPT, Copenhaguen (Denmark)
• Façade: approx. 1300 sqm
• Material: TRENCADIS, porcelain pieces “teselas” combining different colors in clear tones, and finished, in bright and mate textures
• Beginning of works: July 3, 2016
• Finishing: August 31, 2016
• Time of works: 6 weeks
• Facade Material: TRENCADIS INNOVACIÓN, S.L, Albal, Valencia, Spain
• Mounting Works: CRISAN Construcciones y Aplicaciones, S.L. (Albal) Valencia, Spain