Hello World!

Today is a great day for Trencadís Innovación. We are relaunching our website with a new responsive design and simultaneously launching our new blog, a space to share our passion for trencadis mosaics, always broken naturally.

In this space we will share our new products, works, trends and the new challenges that arise. We will also remind you of some of the works we have done in the past years and other curiosities from the world of trencadis, ceramics, design and architecture.

This is a small showroom to show some of the recent works we’ve completed, projects that have been particularly challenging and inspiring. We invite you to visit our works page; if there is something that draws your eye, or awakens an irresistible curiosity, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask us anything you wish. We would be delighted to share our passion and knowledge with you.

We are always at your disposition for anytype of questions regarding trencadis mosaics, placement, design or anything at all. You can reach us by email or our contact form. Feel free to visit our advisement page as well, perhaps we have already answered your question on this page!

We don’t want to bore with too many words, so we’ll let the Trencadís speak for itself in this photograph…



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