May we help you?

What are type of surfaces can be clad in trencadis?

Practically any type of surface can be clad in our trencadis mosaics.
Our experience has taught us how to fabricate the mosaics and clad all types of substrates in diverse materials. Trencadis can be placed on wood, glass, concrete, steel, iron…

Is our fabrication manual or industrialized?

All our mosaics are completely hand-made. The pieces are broken by hand and each fragment is glued to the mesh backing piece by piece manually at our factory in Spain.

How/Where can I purchase trencadis?

To contact us or one of our distributors you may contact us by the contact form, send an email to, send us a fax (+34 961.27.32.80) or call us (+34 961.27.08.27).

Are the products guaranteed?

Trencadis Innovación guarantees the quality of all our products. Any issues or reclamations should be sent in written form within the 10 days following the reception of the order. Please send us an email to contact the technical department of TRENCADIS INNOVACIÓN, S.L.

What materials can be used to manufacture Trencadís?

Our motto is that if it can be broken, we can fabricate trencadís from it. Inspired by this vision, we have used all sorts of materials to fabricate our trencadis mosaics. In addition to ceramic tiles, we also offer porcelain tiles, natural stones, marble and innovative resin products among the possibilities; so do not hesitate to contact us with your idea, we’ll advise you on the most appropriate material.

Where are the origins of the Trencadis style of mosaics?

Trencadis is a style of mosaics created from the irregularly shaped fragments of ceramics (tesserae), in the origins the ceramic could include tiles, dishes, and any ceramic fragment. The inventor of the style is considered to be the architect, Antoni Gaudí, and his associate, Josep María Jujol. Their technique of directly adhering the ceramic shards or tesserae on the substrate with a mortar permitted them to clad the curved shapes of the modernist Catalonian architecture with a protective and decorative finish of ceramic.
We are inspired by their creative vision to continue innovation this centennial style.

Who can install trencadis?

We provide precise installation instructions for the correct application of our mosaics, recommending the appropriate technique and placement materials for each surface to clad. For custom pieces we also provide a full mounting diagram to install the pieces correctly. Everything is designed so that any trained tile placer can install our trencadis panels.
If you prefer that professionals install the trencadis for you, we can send our own trained installers anywhere in the world for a full installation, technical advisement or placement training.

Why choose Trencadís Innovación?

Choose us because 15 years of experience vouches for us.
Choose us because there are thousand of meters of trencadís designed, fabricated and installed by us on projects on the 5 continents.
Choose us because our firm commitment with quality is certified by independent agencies to be in accordance with UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 for the Design and Fabrication of trencadís.
Choose us because of the technology behind our cooperation with the Valencia Polytechnical University (UPV) for the Research & Development of “trencadis panels”.
Choose us because we have a dynamic and motivated team that would be delighted to cooperate with you on your project.
There are many reasons to choose Trencadís Innovación, but the most important are our commitment to our clients and our passion towards trencadis.

Technical Advisement

The technical department of Trencadis Innovación has extensive experience in cladding important and emblematic buildings with trencadis mosaics.

We start from your ideas, which our designers interpret, adapt, revise and complete until that idea is a faithful vision fabricated in trencadis. Precise instructions, specifications and technical documentation are provided, specifically adapted for each type of surface to clad. If you prefer, our professional and experienced installers can travel around the world to install, supervise or train workers for trencadis placement.


After working on the design and breakage of different materials, we can transform your ideas into a trencadis mosaic installation which can be used to clad any surface. If you browse our Works, you will see all types of applications of our trencadís mosaics. The “designs” filter on the page will select some examples of trencadis mosaics that are an adaptation of a photograph, image, design or logotype created at a client’s specific request. We are always open to new ideas!

 Share your idea with us and we’ll create it in trencadís.

CAD Imagery/Photomontage

Starting from any documentation you can provide us with, be it CAD plans, photographs or just an idea; Our specialists can then help you complete the information you need as per your requirements. We can help you with everything from a simple photomontage to “see” the trencadis once placed to complete technical documentation, constructive details, specifications and imagery required for international tenders by major architecture, engineering and construction firms.


Trencadís Innovación has been fortunate enough to cooperate with some of the leading architecture studios in the world on some of their landmark works. We have supplied numerous award winning projects with trencadis mosaics, including UTS’ new Science Building, National Eduction Architecture Award winner for Durbach Block Jaggers Architects + BVN; the Al Hamra Firdous Tower, the world’s tallest building clad entirely in stone, including limestone trencadis; and the recently completed recladding of the Calatrava´s Opera House in Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences. We have also participated on numerous and diverse projects in cooperation with sculptors and artists on the realization of some of their emblematic works.